Frequently Asked Questions


A site where people can enter WCOC evening events. All details regarding the events can be found at WCOC


Covid restrictions mean we need to change the way we are doing things.
We CANNOT accept entries on the day.
This is a site developed quickly to cover the basic needs of a pre-entry system.


Step 1. Create an account. Only one account is needed for a family or group
Step 2. Add all the runners that you want to create an entry for
Step 3. View the event(s) you would like to attend
Step 4. Select the course and start-block for each runner. Each block covers a 15 minute period, and we can only allow 10 runners in each start-block.

How do I pay?

No cash will be collected on the day. Please pay at the end of the series using a direct bank transfer: Sort Code 01-09-54, Account Number 07602286. The prices for a single event remain the same: £4 Adult, £2 Junior. It is preferable that you pay for all you planned events in a single transfer. To encourage this, we have introduced a discount if entering all four events. £15 for adults and £5 for juniors.

Anything else?

You must be a member of the British Orienteering Federation (BOF). Sorry but as we are not able to have close contact coaching we are not able to accept non-BOF members at the moment.
We are not allowed to accept entries on the day. Please pre-enter as early as possible.

Tell me more about these start blocks

Each block covers a 15 minute period.
The time shown on the site indicates the start of the block, so a block shown as "18:00" covers 18:00 to 18:14
We will have two starts, one for Novice/Short and one for Long (usually close to each other, but please check details for each event if you need to take junior to one and then get to your own.)

I need help with something / How do I report something not working

Please contact Steve Holmes at